I am ...

Software engineer generalist and open source activist living in Seoul, Korea.

PyCon APAC 2015

My MBTI Personality type is ENTJ with 50% of Judging-Perceiving score (see also ENTP) which means 'Extraverted, Intuition, Thinking and Judging'. Though I don't believe in the test, I love it because both ENTJ and ENTP is what I want to be. I travel a lot to giving a talk and have been appearing online either as 'scari' or 'scari[._]net'. I have B.S. in Computer Science and have various work achievements nearly 20 years. I can make any software project done from low level system programming to web/mobile applications. Also, I'm a co-chair of PyCon KR organizing committee and leading several developer's group in Korea.

I'm a startups enthusiast. Love to meet startup people. I had my own startup once and failed with valuable lesson. Now I know how to succeed next time.

I believe in infinite possibility of open source project. I'm a somewhat old Linux user. I've been using it for about two decades. Whenever I get any chance to contribute, I do it with joy. I contributed a tiny snippet of code to some open source project including pandas, MongoDB, folium.

Sometimes, I translate IT books what I have an interest in to Korean. Here's the list.

I spending my free time to create funny, somewhat unproductive service for fun. You may find more toy project from here.



My e-mail address is iam@younggun.kim. Also, you may find me on Twitter @scari_net, Facebook, GitHub, Medium and LinkedIn.